One of the most memorable periods in the life of a young person is college admission. It is a dream come true. Entering college gives a feeling of belonging to a new social class and a higher public image.

The hassle of college life begins when you will need to adapt to the new status quo and norms. Continual exposure to the college culture will cause a change in the value system of the young individual. One of the many college cultures is alcoholism.

Alcoholism in college affects is a major trend in colleges globally. It affects millions of students yearly. Approximate 80% of college students are involved in college alcoholism. This means at least four-fifths of all college students consume alcohol to a large degree.

College life is filled with experimenting with different things. An average freshman wants to enjoy his newfound freedom and liberty. He/she will ride on the trend of college life and try everything in the shortest time possible. An example of such acts is binge drinking.

Binge drinking is the act of drinking a lot of alcohol in very little time to enjoy the full effect of the alcohol. This act might start as just a bottle or two, but soon graduates to taking more bottles in the shortest time.

It is a result of the bodybuilding tolerance to the few bottles it used to receive. Thus, the individual has to take more bottles to feel the full effect of the alcohol.

According to recent records, at least 50% of college students engage in binge drinking. A number of them admit to taking alcohol before gaining college admission. However, with the freedom of college life, they are at liberty to take more than usual.

Primarily, the alcohol culture is caused by peer pressure and the need to feel “belonging” to the social status of the college. The pressure to fit in and make new friends forces them to compromise on their values and resort to drinking.

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